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Summergrass 35mm

Landscaping grass designed to look nice and natural with light green tufts and brown specs throughout. This product has a 35mm pile height and a density of 18900 stitches per m2. Roll widths are 2.0m and 4.0m wide with a total length in a roll up to 25.0m long. Turf can be cut to any length.

Warranty Information for Summergrass 35mm. Made in China.

This product is sold with a 6 Year warranty. This product must be maintained correctly as per the maintenance plan provided. Warranty will not be covered where install works are not up to industry standards, where the temperature of turf is magnified by neighbouring structures which may include windows or steel objects, any abuse, misuse or general wear and tear. The warranty is only issued to the original purchaser and is non transferrable.

Any defected products must be brought to the attention of TAT as soon as they arise.

A credit will be issued based on the pro rate system: within 1 year – 100%, 2 years – 70%, 3 years – 40%, 4 years – 20%, 5 years – 10%, 6 years – 2% credit will be given to the purchaser of the turf product if;

Excessive fading of tuffs of turf is displayed (turf WILL change in colour slightly over the warranty period due to climatic conditions in Tasmania)

Breaking down of tuffs of turf to a level of 50% pile fibre thickness or if the original tensile strength of the product decreases by 50%

Shrinkage or expanding of turf to excessive levels (turf WILL move up to 5mm in different temperatures)

Any warranty claim does not cover the costs related to disposal of defected turf or labour for install works.


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