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Maintaining your new TAT (Tassie Artificial Turf) yard should take less than 1-2 hours a year.

These following steps have been outlined for your convenience to guarantee that your Tassie Artificial Turf sustains a fresh and clean look, as well as ensure its longevity.

Set aside 5 - 10 minutes every month to:

  • Rid your turf area of any debris (fallen leaves, mulch, gravel) which may have blown onto the turf commonly against outdoor furniture etc.
  • Regular traffic and ornaments on the turf will in time flatten the tufts of turf however this is only normal, A stiff bristled broom or blower can be used to re-erect the turf by brushing or blowing in the opposite direction to the natural lay of the turf. TAT can come and do this as often as requested using a specifically designed powered hard bristled brush at an average fee of $50.00 per visit.
  • Keep the weeds and seedlings that may have blown in at bay by spraying them with a mix of Kamba (60ml:10L) and Round Up (100ml:10L) (these chemicals will not affect the turf).
  • Remove any pet excrement and the affected area can be treated with a product called ‘Wee Off’ which can be purchased for $25.00 per bottle from Tassie Artificial Turf.

If you have any questions in regards to maintaining the turf please call - 0409 168 497 or email - jade@taturf.com.au


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